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ECE (India) Energies Private Limited was established to provide fruitful services to the stakeholders through value addition with an eye for quality, clean environment, and safe life. Though the region of Vidarbha, Maharashtra, India is lacking industrial environment and employment, ECE has managed to become an employment-creator starting from a handful people in 2010. Manufacturing of Solar Panel & Road Safety based products formed the initial base of the company, which later on went on to become a multi-faceted enterprise of green and solar energy products as well as services.

Solar Blinkers, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Fencing, Solar Street Lights, Road Safety systems like Traffic Signals, Traffic Controllers, Graphical Countdown Timer, etc. were the innovative products which company manufactured from the start. The new venture after successful installations of solar plants throughout the country was visualized and has come to reality with State of Art 45 MW High Efficiency Solar panel manufacturing facility at Amravati Manufacturing Unit of the company.

ECE forms a solid ground with 10 MW+ satisfied customers and successful consultancy services in EPC projects given to famous big names to name a few, M/S Adani, Reliance, IRB etc. ECE and its team are committed to become a multi-billion venture serving society and nation to its fullest in coming 5 years.

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The management of ECE (INDIA) ENERGIES PRIVATE LIMITED releases following collective quality policy of the company. Every member pledges her/his allegiance to the policy.

- Customer satisfaction -

- Customer always right -

- Working in team spirit -

- Unequivocal customer bond -

- Conservation of depleting resources -

- Continual quality and performance improvement -

- Altruistic interaction at formal and informal levels -

- Strict adherence to quality management system -

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Following are the few prominent reasons to consider ECE (India) Energies Pvt Ltd for products &services in Solar PV generation and applications are.

Prominent motive among the driving objectives of the company is to provide dignified job opportunity to local youth. Secondly, company thrust is greening environment. And lastly, the main pillar of the company motto is customer satisfaction through best quality of products and services.

Company Socially contributes in terms of extending full support to all the government and non-government initiatives of skill development in solar PV technology. The last but the most significant reason to choose ECE(India) Energies Pvt Ltd is its qualified, trained and committed team of professionals.

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October 16, 2020
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Did you know that the energy sun provides to the earth for one hour could meet the global energy needs for one year.

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